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Origin Story

In 1980 Dan and Jenny Tollefson had a dream: they wanted to sell high-quality pork to the masses. Dan had his home-grown farming experience along with his knowledge of hog genetics and feed programs that he knew could be leveraged to create better pork. Jenny had her accounting background and natural business sense to manage the numbers. To meet their goal they partnered with a bunch of suits and created a fancy-pants financial instrument called a corporation. Contract farmers were enlisted to raise hogs with Dan's feed recipe, processing plants were lined up, and sales contracts with big-box retailers were signed to sell his pork across the continental United States.

Now Dan and Jenny are millionaires and want you to buy their stuff online too... wait a minute... actually...

The big-time pork business didn't pan out. In fact, if you ask Dan himself, he'll tell you it was a "spectacular failure" by 1985, the year he started Tollefson Family Pork. Dan and Jenny pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and tried a new model: only sell pork raised on our farm, run the processing at a local processing plant, and sell all the pork direct to consumers at local Farmers Markets.

The results with this second venture have been much better. If you've stopped by the Minneapolis Farmers Market on any weekend in the last 30 years you have probably heard Dan Tollefson hooting and hollering about one of 3 things: his beautiful wife Jenny, his 5 wonderful/terrible children (depends on the day), or why selling direct to customers and having complete control over quality is so important. Chances are you couldn't resist getting a brat off the grill. Did you forget to pick up some brats for home? Lucky for you, they can be ordered here now. 

Go ahead and pick from our hand-curated Pork Boxes. We'll ship them to you within 5 business days and then you can experience the delicious taste of Tollefson Family Pork without fighting the crowds at the Market!



"#1 Hot Dog in the Twin Cities" — City Pages

"Who knew bacon doesn’t have to shrink?" — Dr. Daniel Miller

"I know, most pork is porky and smoky and salty, but there’s something to the Tollefson pork and the cure that makes this pork porkier, it’s always extra-hammy, more intense, less vacuous, just better." — Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

"Farmers market regulars know that the Tollefson name is synonymous with great pork. It’s growth hormone- and antibiotic-free, locally raised, and has quite the following." — Heavy Table


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