Q: Can you ship outside of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, or south dakota?

A: No. We are working to expand our shipping radius in the near future. If you live in a land far, far away and wish to order our delicious pork drop us a line at tfponlinehelp@gmail.com.

Q: Can I request a custom box?

A: No. What you see is what you get. We are only able to offer the standard box options at this time. Feel free to send suggestions to tfponlinehelp@gmail.com.

Q: How do you keep the pork cold while shipping?

A: Our friends at Collapsible Cooler (local Hopkins, MN shipping magnates) hook us up with boxes and packing materials that keep everything on ice in transit.

Q: what is the shelf life of the pork?

A: Our smoked products are safe in the fridge for ~2 weeks. Fresh products are safe in the fridge for ~2 days. All products are safe in the freezer until the zombie apocalypse, give or take a few ice ages. 

Q: what do you feed your pigs?

A: That's a trade secret, but we'll tell you if you visit us at a market.

Q: which child is dan's favorite?

A: Danielle, duh. 

Q: Oxford CommA: yea or nay?

A: I really hope that isn’t a serious question. Yea, yea, and yea.